TUK Shoes x Stephanie Pantera

In 2020, California based shoe company TUK asked Stephanie to put her artwork onto a pair of the brands shoes as part of their tattoo artist project! Stephanie is the first artist from the Uk to be be involved with this project!

Check out their blog to see the full details!



Photos by Krouch, check out his work on instagram @markellamstreet and facebook @krouchcommunity 

Stephanie is available to design bespoke customised shoes and clothing, please email stephaniepantera@hotmail.com for a quote.  

Stephanie approached the design for these shoes without a plan in mind, allowing the lines to develop organically. It was only on the completion of the design that the parallels between the art work and visions steph experienced during a shamanic ayahuasca ceremony were revealed. Stephanie also included a poem within the piece to communicate the spiritual origin of the design. Stephanies design was also influenced by visionary art, full of patterns and geometry with an essence of stone age rock art. Incorporating the waves of the sea, which is her favourite place to be. Steph was raised on British military bases so have had them laced to British military standard by her Father.
Photos by Krouch @markellamstreet